Good Pilot vs. Bad Pilot

Are you a pilot? If you are, are you a good or bad pilot? Do you feel confused of answering this question? If you answer yes, it is normal because you cannot judge yourself alone. To know whether you are a good pilot, check these four things below:

good and bad


Do you come to airport, go home, and submit report to airport parties on time? If you answer all questions with “No”, that means you are not a disciplined and good pilot. Realize that good pilot do everything on time. If they are late, there is definitely something wrong with them. Yup, they have certain reasons to do indisciplined actions. For instance, if they are trapped in traffic jam because there is a serious car accident, of course, they cannot go to airport or go home on time. This is understandable.


Do you like spending money carelessly, eating junk foods and staying up? Are you lazy to do sport? If you answer yes, you are a bad pilot. You need to know that good pilots always maintain their life and health as well as possible. They spend money with clear reasons. This means that they buy products based on their needs, not their desires. Meanwhile, to maintain their body’s health, they avoid eating junk and soft drinks and staying up. When time to do sport comes in, they enjoy doing it. Thus, you are highly recommended to apply healthy lifestyle now. Leave your bad lifestyle to get better life in the future.

Money management

Do you manage your money well? If you don’t, you are not a good pilot. Not having money management will make you feel lack of money and get financial problem at last. The worst part is you can get stuck in debt and go to jail sooner or later. If you don’t know how to manage your money, ask for help from financial planners. They will help you stabilize between income and outcome and avoid dealing with financial problem and debt. If you don’t like applying this solution, consider using bookkeeping or taking a note when spending money and earning money. Then, make sure that you have good money management that can make your outcome never bigger than income.


The last thing to check is your relationship. Is your relationship with your spouse, family, friends, and colleagues good? If you answer no, you are not a good pilot yet. Why? Good pilots always maintain their relationship with other as well as possible although they have tight flight schedules and tight routines. They can do this because they highly maintain communication with their beloved ones anytime. They always spend a few minutes to call or send messages so their relationship is still good. When having free time, they don’t doubt to spend most of free time to gather and have fun together.

In other hand, if good pilots have problems with their beloved ones, they will find solution to solve those problems as soon as possible. They never let the problems ruin their relationship.