Prepare Your Body’s Health to Pass Medical Test

To join pilot school, people should pass medical test that requires them to have healthy body. Unfortunately, most people don’t prepare their body’s health as well as possible so they fail to pass medical test. Some of them fail because they have lung disorders and some others have problem with their stamina and physical. Realize that cadet candidates out there already prepare their body’s health a few months before medical test is held. For this, if you want to join pilot school and succeed to pass medical test, prepare your body’s health by doing the following tips:


Stop smoking

What are actual advantages of smoking? Of course the answer is nothing because this bad habit is not good for health. There are many health disorders that can happen if you continue smoking, such as: hypertension, lung disorder, impotence, cancer, and so on. Therefore, stop smoking now. This is difficult to do but no need worry because you can do it as long as you want. You can follow therapis and replace cigarette with candy or fruit when having desire to smoke. Remember that you need a long process to be free from cigarette. For this, start doing this a few months before taking medical test.

sit up bDo sport regularly

When taking medical test, your physical will be tested to look how strong you are. Pilot school parties will ask you to sit up, push up, and run for a few laps. If you give up, you will lose and fail. Of course, you don’t want to deal with the problem, right? As the right solution, you have to make your physical strong by doing sport regularly. Make and follow sport schedule so your physical strength continues increasing. Remember not to force yourself excessively. This means that if you feel very tired, stop doing sport and take a rest. Avoid doing sport every day. You just need to do it four or five times a week. It is better to do simple sports first, like jogging, riding bike, swimming, etc., so your body is not shocked. Then, if your physical strength starts stable and good, consider doing body building at fitness center. Hire a instructor if you need help to build and increase your muscle mass optimally.

healthy foodConsume healthy foods and drinks

Your body needs enough nutrition and vitamin intake every day. This is very important to be paid attention if you want to pass medical test. Yup, if your body is not ideal and good in which your own physical is weak and body weight is over, there is a big possibily for you to be eliminated fast. Nevertheless, if your body is health and ideal, you will have much opportunity to pass medical test and follow other test phases. For this, consume healthy foods and drinks every day and avoid consuming junk foods and soft drinks. By doing this, you can have healthy body and life healthly.

Preparing your body’s healh by doing the tips above you can take and pass medical test smoothly.