Good Pilot vs. Bad Pilot

Are you a pilot? If you are, are you a good or bad pilot? Do you feel confused of answering this question? If you answer yes, it is normal because you cannot judge yourself alone. To know whether you are a good pilot, check these four things below:

good and bad


Do you come to airport, go home, and submit report to airport parties on time? If you answer all questions with “No”, that means you are not a disciplined and good pilot. Realize that good pilot do everything on time. If they are late, there is definitely something wrong with them. Yup, they have certain reasons to do indisciplined actions. For instance, if they are trapped in traffic jam because there is a serious car accident, of course, they cannot go to airport or go home on time. This is understandable.


Do you like spending money carelessly, eating junk foods and staying up? Are you lazy to do sport? If you answer yes, you are a bad pilot. You need to know that good pilots always maintain their life and health as well as possible. They spend money with clear reasons. This means that they buy products based on their needs, not their desires. Meanwhile, to maintain their body’s health, they avoid eating junk and soft drinks and staying up. When time to do sport comes in, they enjoy doing it. Thus, you are highly recommended to apply healthy lifestyle now. Leave your bad lifestyle to get better life in the future.

Money management

Do you manage your money well? If you don’t, you are not a good pilot. Not having money management will make you feel lack of money and get financial problem at last. The worst part is you can get stuck in debt and go to jail sooner or later. If you don’t know how to manage your money, ask for help from financial planners. They will help you stabilize between income and outcome and avoid dealing with financial problem and debt. If you don’t like applying this solution, consider using bookkeeping or taking a note when spending money and earning money. Then, make sure that you have good money management that can make your outcome never bigger than income.


The last thing to check is your relationship. Is your relationship with your spouse, family, friends, and colleagues good? If you answer no, you are not a good pilot yet. Why? Good pilots always maintain their relationship with other as well as possible although they have tight flight schedules and tight routines. They can do this because they highly maintain communication with their beloved ones anytime. They always spend a few minutes to call or send messages so their relationship is still good. When having free time, they don’t doubt to spend most of free time to gather and have fun together.

In other hand, if good pilots have problems with their beloved ones, they will find solution to solve those problems as soon as possible. They never let the problems ruin their relationship.

Do These before Joining a Pilot School in Australia

Have you read articles about flying lessons Sydney? If you answer yes, are you keen on joining a pilot school in Australia? If so, it is a good choice because Australia is a multiculturalism country in which there are thousands of Indonesian people who study and work there. This means that you will not get difficulty in adapting there. Besides, aviation world in Australia is very good. There are many experienced flight schools that you can rely on. However, you still need to be careful because you can waste money if you choose wrong pilot school.

Thus, you are highly recommended to do these before joining a pilot school in Australia:


Gather a lot of information

The first thing to do is gathering a lot of information from various sources. This is important to know the list of flying training programs there, reputation and track record of pilot schools, reviews of each school, and so on. Anyway, there are many sources of information that you can find at this moment. One of them is internet. Yup, on internet, you can find everything, including information about flight schools in Australia. You can find many websites which provide the information for free. Here, you are highly recommended to visit This blog offers a lot of updated information about aviation world in Australia. To get more information, join our Facebook now.


Prepare all requirements

As an international student candidate, you should prepare not only copy of identity card, copy of high school diploma, copy of medical certificate, and copy of good conduct certificate but also passport and visa. All requirements must be prepared maximum three months before going to Australia. What if you are late? You should wait for couple months because each pilot school does not accept new candidate every month. In a year, pilot school just opens new student admission two or three times. Therefore, you have to prepare all requirements couple months before going there. Keep in mind not to falsify any documents unless you want to deal with authorities sooner or later.

uang a

Know budget estimation

Every pilot school requires cadets to pay different tuition fee. Therefore, you have to know about this in detail so you can prepare enough budgets. Besides, if you choose pilot school that is not equipped with dormitory, you should prepare extra money for accommodation, transportation, and food. How much? It depends on your lifestyle and accommodation that you choose. If you choose to stay at a homestay, you should spend about 2,500 dollars Australia per year or if you want to stay at an apartment, spend about 4,500 dollars Australia per year. Of course, the amount of living costs can be higher if you like shopping, eating in expensive restaurant, treating your friends, and so on.

No matter what is your lifestyle is, the important thing is you have enough money to apply your lifestyle. If your family just has limited budget and there is no scholarship for you, it is better to apply frugal lifestyle so you don’t bother your family and deal with financial problem at last.

3 Pilot’s Choice to Increase Income

The higher the income, the greater the need and desire. As a result of income derived will remain the same needs and desires to be fulfilled. Similarly to the profession of this one, the pilot will be known fairly high income tens of millions of Indonesian rupiah per month. However, looking at the needs and desires are also growing, whether it be to meet the basic needs or realize such a desire to invest to make this profession should also increase his income in order to achieve that desire. Broadly speaking, the following three efforts could be made by the pilot to be able to increase their incomes.pilot income

Choosing to be a contract employee

Many pilots fly strike knowing the salary of foreign pilots employed in the country have a maximum income. This assumption can actually be considered a misnomer because foreign pilots working status only contracted, while the pilots in the country is regarded as an employee that can increase the level of his career, given the benefits, as well as pension funds. The amount of salary received by pilots in the country is only half of the salary of foreign pilots, but not including allowances and old age guarantee that when summed with the salaries of foreign pilots, most likely the end result will be the same and not much different.

Get around the strike action of the pilots who fly because it is causing the airline suffered substantial losses, the airline provide a balanced offer. The pilot decided to stop being a permanent employee and contract workers who choose to be more or less contracted for 1 year with income doubled(together with foreign pilots), but the new work period will be extended if it is performing well and the economic situation is not worse.

Add flight hours

To increase his salary, which can also be done by the pilot is to increase flying hours. With increasing total flight hours, the airline usually will promote pilot positions. For example, previously served as second officer to first officer can increase after 1.5 years of work and more than 3 years into the future will be appointed as the senior first officer. After 4 years in the future with the total hours of flying more than 5000 hours, pilots also have the opportunity to be promoted as captain through a variety of specific tests.

However, the seriousness in adding hours of flying also has a negative side on the health of the pilot, health could be endangered as a result of hours of flying irregular both in day and night. But this has become the choice for the pilot if still want to work in the airline as a permanent employee and want a high salary. To maintain good health, pilots generally very high priority nutritious foods.

Apply at the best airline

Pilot salary in addition influenced by the positions and total flight hours, is also dependent than airline policy. Top airline would have a more attractive offer than the usual airline. However, in order to enter and work in the best airline is not easy, basically pilot must have qualifications that support in order to compete with other pilots, one of whom had pocketed hours of flying targeted by the airline.

Entering the world of work first as a professional pilot is already earn fairly high. But in a way or the right choice, the pilot can increase the income becomes higher. Best key is to select the most appropriate way, not just for a while but also in order to ensuring the career path in the future so that the profession can be occupied comfortably.